Welcome to Westminster Cooperative Preschool!

Westminster Cooperative Preschool is a community outreach program of Westminster Presbyterian Church. It was established in 1972 to serve families in the Rogue Valley. The preschool welcomes children from all cultures and religious backgrounds and does not discriminate with regard to race, national or ethnic origin.

The preschool provides recreation and education for preschool age children through a parent cooperative organization under the supervision of trained teachers. An adult family member should be available to help in the classroom approximately once every three to four weeks.

Westminster Preschool strives to maintain a learning environment that reflects Christian values of love, acceptance, empathy and compassion for others. Twice weekly Chapel Talks with one of Westminster Presbyterian's three pastors are offered to our MWF class. Our TTH class Chapel talk is with Westminster's Youth Director, Amy Winans.

We believe preschool can be a great first step away from home and that the preschool experience is a valuable learning opportunity for both child and parent.

Our Goals: